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Professional Carpet Cleaning – Sorry, Vacuuming Alone Isn’t Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Let’s get honest for a minute. How often do you vacuum your home? Do you think you do it often enough? Some experts in carpet and flooring care recommend carpets be vacuumed at least two times a week – and more often in high traffic areas. If you have pets, they recommend vacuuming daily. Wow. I don’t know about you, but life is busy here in Minocqua (and everywhere else!) – and vacuuming even once a week can feel like a major victory. There are a lot of studies out there to show just how much dirt, debris, and allergens vacuuming alone will leave behind in your carpet, no matter how often you vacuum. Gross.

Indoor Air Quality Tips

Awhile back, The Huffington Post published an article featuring an interior designer who specializes in allergens.  It might surprise you to know the air quality in your home can be much worse than outside because of what is trapped in your carpet (and drapes, bedding, furniture, etc.) However, she talks about how hiring a professional carpet cleaning company (ahem… like K-tech Kleening) can reverse that and make a significant impact on the air you breathe. Even the most expensive, impressive vacuum from the latest infomercial won’t have the same effect as a deep down steam-cleaning with professional solutions and equipment will.

Sure, there are machines you can rent that claim to clean your carpet. Trust us and her when we say those machines pale in comparison to a professional grade carpet cleaning machine and professional cleaning solutions.

According to The Good Housekeeping Research Institute, vacuuming or renting a carpet cleaning machine yourself may not be enough in the eyes of the carpet manufacturer. Just like furniture companies, some flooring companies actually have clauses voiding your carpet’s warranty if you do not have it professionally cleaned relatively often.

Risky Business

Professional cleaners use steam to lift all the dust, dirt and debris from deep inside the carpet fibers. If that debris is left there, it can actually wear down the carpet over time and therefore shorten its lifespan. Similarly, those machines are not powerful enough to fully lift out all the dirt and debris. To make matters worse, the interior designer we mentioned above says you can actually make your household sick trying to clean your carpets yourself because all the moisture might not be properly extracted. That leaves a breeding ground for mold.

The best way to stay on top of keeping your carpet clean, and keep your home healthy, is to have your carpet professionally cleaned regularly – by the guidelines listed on your carpet warranty, or by the needs of your home. That will differ for everyone! If you have pets, every few months might be a good routine for you. Otherwise, it could be year or more in between when our techs pay you a friendly visit.

The best way to get a carpet cleaning routine started is to get an estimate! Then, figure out how it will work into your budget, and how often you want to have the service done. Once all that is figured out, feel free to breathe a little easier knowing your home – and everyone in it – are a little healthier. K-Tech Kleening offers free carpet cleaning estimates!

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