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6 Habits That Can Be Fire Hazards

Over 370,000 houses are destroyed each year from house fires, resulting in billions of dollars in loss and damage. Whether by negligence and ignorance, you may be unaware of habits that could compromise the safety of you and your home.

Fire Hazards & How to Stay Safe

Use these tips to stay safe from fires.


Nearly 60% of all house fires start in the kitchen. When cooking, never leave your stove or oven unattended. Make sure to be using appliances that don’t have any frayed or exposed wires, as they may spark. Verify that your cookware is safe for its intended use in the microwave, oven, etc. Additionally, set timers to remind you to check your meals and keep clutter and unwanted items out of the way of your cooking appliances.

Faulty Electrical

Do not overload your sockets, power strips or extension cords. Don’t use or leave damaged cords exposed as they can spark and catch fire onto combustible objects like rugs, furniture, etc.  The ground plug in your cords should not be tampered with. That extra prong, requires an outlet that can handle the wattage capacity necessary to run that appliance. If you don’t have enough outlets or you are unsure of the safety of your wiring, call a professional to evaluate, install and make sure your wiring is up to code and safe for your home.


With the winter season quickly approaching it’s important to schedule an annual inspection and as needed cleaning of your fireplace, chimney and furnace. Debris build up and a malfunctioning furnace can cause a lot of damage to a home. When using a wood burning fireplace be sure to never leave the fire unattended and fully extinguish the ashes with water and dispose of the ashes when they’re completely cool. Using a portable electric or gas heater, keep a 3-foot buffer of space to prevent overheating surrounding objects and the chance of fire.


While the number of deaths related to smoking caused fires has decreased, the dangers of smoking indoors are still present. The chance of falling asleep while smoking, dropping a cigarette or not totally extinguishing a cigarette are all hazards that contribute to house fires each year. If you intend to smoke, it’s advised to do so outside.


Whether for the wonderful aroma or an intimate evening, candles are often underestimated for the damage they can cause. The NFPA issued a report in 2015 that 36% of candle related fires originated from the bedroom.  Leaving the open flame near flammable items (i.e., clothes, furniture, bedding, etc.), left unattended or in reach or contact of children or pets all contribute to candle related fires.

Washer and Dryer

These machines can get very hot. It’s important to clean out the lint filter after each load, as lint to incredibly flammable. Additionally, keep detergents and dryer sheets away from the machinery to prevent overheating flammable substances.

These tips are brought to you by K-Tech Kleening and are just a few ways to remember the importance of fire safety and that you should never leave an open flame unattended. Neither should you neglect frayed or sparking electrical.  Furthermore, be mindful of pets and children, as fire stimulates a natural curiosity. Teach children not to play with fire, but to understand the associated dangers.

If you have suffered from a fire disaster and are in need of fire damage restoration services contact the professionals at K-Tech Kleening.

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