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Should You Spend Your Tax Return on New Carpet?

Winters give your carpets a beating. Nothing short of it. Between salt, snow, water, dirt and so on being tracked inside, keeping your rugs and carpets clean can turn into a full-time job! Plus, we just made it through the holidays with guests and family tracking in and out of our house, and your clumsy aunt spilling red wine from the kitchen to the living room. Have we said enough?

Okay … so once the holiday chaos dies down, tax season looms and hopefully a tax return! People often plan how they spend their tax return long before the get it, and we want to help you do just that! But we want you to spend it at another Merrill business, not all with us!

Unless your carpet is decades old, paying K-Tech Kleening to come in and do a thorough rug and carpet cleaning can seriously restore the look and feel of your floor coverings! That means you don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars replacing carpet! Spend a much smaller amount for a professional cleaning, and save or spend the rest on things that are more fun than new carpet.

3 Reasons to Invest in New Carpet

Still not sold on getting your carpet cleaned? Here are some other reasons to invest a little of your tax return into the health of your carpet.

New carpet still needs to be cleaned & maintained

Carpet fibers run deep, and dirt can easily work deep into the carpet over time and even down into the pad without proper, routine cleanings. It is actually that unseen dirt that can do the most damage to your carpet by breaking down the protective fiber coating and even the backing on your carpet. As that breaks down from the set-in dirt, that’s when you start to see chunks of carpet coming out with the vacuum. Yikes!

Self-cleaning can do more damage than good

There are more carpet cleaning products than we could possibly try to name, and many of them deserve to stay right on the store shelves. Aside from the fact that many contain harsh chemicals and can do more harm than good to your carpets, they also make crazy promises to clean and remove stains from your carpet without any scrubbing or rinsing. Well … what happens to the dirt and the residue from that product? You guessed it – it works its way into your carpet.

The other truth behind these products is many can damage your carpet, and even change the color. Oxygen-based products make work for a short time, but will also break down carpet fibers over time. Hiring a professional who uses top-of-the-line, safe products and tools to clean your carpet will get your home cleaner, and help elongate the life of your carpet.

Carpet traps allergens, dust & other particles that can go airborne

The cleanliness of your carpet has a direct effect on the air quality in your home. Like we talked about above, a professional carpet cleaning will remove even the most set in dirt and debris. This could even include some mold spores. Vacuums just simply are not going to get surfaces as clean as a professional steam cleaning will.

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