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Fire Damage Cleanup Can Be Painful

When attempting to perform fire damage cleanup on your own, you may experience some pain, in more ways than one. Do-it-yourself fire damage cleanup can cause you financial aches, emotional distress, and physical pain. At K-tech Kleening in Wausau, we do not recommend that you try to perform fire damage cleanup and repair on your own unless you are a certified professional. With that said, here are some safety tips you should know and follow when recovering from fire damage.

The Hazards of Fire Damage Cleanup

Fire causes multiple reactions that can release toxic particles into the air, contaminating your property’s indoor environment. These toxic particles aren’t just found in areas the fire occurred, these particles can travel to parts of your home that were unaffected by the blaze. Make sure you protect yourself with the proper gear to prevent inhalation or skin contact with these particles. When a fire breaks out all surfaces need to be carefully and thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated to prevent further property damage and health risks.

When your home or business has been damaged by a fire you may throw out and safety precautions in your haste to assess the damage. The desire to reclaim your property and get things back to normal can be overwhelming, and it can persuade you to ignore your own safety. No matter how tempting it is, avoiding entering areas of your home that were affected by a fire until your local fire marshal deems it safe to do so. Avoid touching fire or smoke damaged items without protective gear. Before attempting to perform the cleanup on your own ask yourself the following questions.

• What is the worst thing that can happen if I try cleaning this up?
• Will it cause more damage if I try picking up or moving my belongings?
• Will I be putting anyone else at risk?
• Has the fire damage the structural integrity of the building?
• Am I lacking the proper gear and equipment to safely tackle the cleanup and decontamination process?

If you answer yes to any of those questions, consider contacting a local fire damage restoration company to assess the damage. The professionals know what they are doing and know how to safely, and thoroughly clean, decontaminate and repair your property.

Fire Damage Cleanup Poses Environmental Hazards

Your safety isn’t the only thing at risk when you attempt to clean up a fire damage disaster without experience. Another thing to consider is safely removing and disposing of the debris and contaminated items. Fires can result in toxic waste, depending on what your property contains and what it is made of. Older buildings may contain asbestos and other materials that can be released into the local environment, threatening the health of the general public.
If your Wausau home suffers from a fire damage disaster, big or small, contact your local professionals for help. Most local restoration companies are available 24-hours a day and will be able to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding fire damage cleanup, decontamination, and repair.

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