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Will That Stain In My Carpet Ever Come Out?

We have all been there before whether it was our dog having an accident, a beverage that slipped out of our hands or fell off the coffee table, or maybe one of those sippy cups that kids use turns out to be not-so-spill proof and winds up on the floor. Our carpets in our homes are some of the most expensive pieces we will ever put in our homes and, they are one of the most heavily used products we will invest in for our home. With all of the use that our carpets get they are bound to eventually get a stain or two. So how can we get those stains out?

If you asked our technicians they would tell you that a stain just isn’t going to come out. They classify a stain as a soiled spot in the carpet that they have tried to professionally clean and the mark remains even after being cleaned.  So before getting to the step of having to call a professional to clean here are some of the actions you can take yourself to attempt to remove the spot.

Spot and Stain Removal Tricks

First of all, you want to get to the spot as soon as you can before it can absorb down into the fabric and all the way into the carpet padding. You will want to have something absorbent like a towel to try and lift the stain out. Make sure the towel is dry and clean and then you may begin to blot on the spot. Make sure you do not try and rub the spot out because what will happen is you can end up damaging your carpet fibers. There are also some steps you can follow from the IICRC when it comes to taking out spots.  Some of their bigger suggestions would be if using solutions of cleaner be careful not to saturate the spot too much down into the carpet because the spot can wick back as it dries. Another good point to watch out for is when working with a spot you want to be able to work from the outside of the soiled area in so they do not spread any further.

When all else fails you can call a professional cleaner to try and get the spot out. Hopefully, some of these tips and tricks can save you from having to. And remember that spots and stains are going to happen in your home, it’s just a sign you’re living in life. For more household tips and tricks make sure to follow us on social media! In Wausau, you can count on the professional carpet cleaners at K-Tech Kleening to get the job done right the first time – at affordable rates.

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