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How Professionals Can Clean Water Damage

If you have had an appliance flood in your home, you may have been tempted to blot as much of the water up as possible, open windows, turn on fans and call it good. However, this type of “cleaning” can lead to mold growth or damage to your flooring and the structure of your walls. It is always best to have a professional water damage professional take a look at it, even if you think you got all the water up.

How We Handle Water Cleanup

This is how professionals clean up water damage.


The most important thing to do after a flooding of your home is to get all the standing water out as quickly as possible, hopefully before it absorbs into the walls and floors too much. A professional company has emersion vacuums that can literally suck the water out of an area and into the truck outside. This step is vitally important because it can take hours to get standing water out of your home if you try to bail it out manually, and you definitely don’t want to try and use your household vacuum to get the water out. Once the standing water is out, the real work of getting everything to dry fully starts.

Assess the Damage

A professional has a trained eye to see what kind of water damage your flood is, and they have all the equipment to deal with the most extreme kinds. The less serious floods aren’t necessarily the ones that are less widespread. If a pipe should burst in your home and flood your entire basement, it might be less risky to clean up than if you had a sewer back up into your home and affect only the bathroom. The type of water is the key. If you have dirty water, it can carry bacteria and will be more at risk for potentially developing into black mold in the long term. If you have a water damage issue in your home that deals with any sort of contaminated water source, you should call a professional water damage cleanup expert immediately. They will have all the necessary safety precautions such as hazmat suits or face masks.

Complete Drying

It can be difficult to know if you have eradicated all of the moisture from drywall or flooring. You can set up fans and open windows and have them blowing air for hours or even days and still not be sure if you got every last drop of moisture out. Some professional water damage cleanup companies have thermal imaging cameras that can point out exactly where the remaining moisture is locked into the walls. Black mold needs water and food to grow and drywall is a perfect place for it to set up camp. It is important to get the water out before the mold can start growing there because it is much easier to avoid mold growth than to clean up mold growth. You can never be 100 percent sure that you got all the moisture out unless you have the thermal imaging tools the pros have.

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