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Five Carpet Killers In Minocqua

Your carpet goes through a lot of abuse. Just think of all the dirt, stains, and spills over the years. Even if there haven’t been many stains and spills on your carpet, the fact that it is constantly walked on, having its fibers compressed, causes a fair amount of wear. Beyond this regular abuse, there are other avoidable ways in which your carpet may be damaged.

Hazards to Your Home Carpet

Here are five of those carpet killers and how you can avoid them according to our experts at K-Tech Kleening in Minocqua.

Water Damage

It should come as no surprise that water damage is one of the biggest culprits of damage to carpets. It doesn’t take long for the water from a flood to seep deep down into your carpet, making it very difficult to remove. When this does happen, two main problems often occur. First, the water is likely to cause mold and mildew growth beneath the surface of your carpet. Second, given enough time, the water can actually damage the structural integrity of your floorboards. They key to preventing this from happening is beginning the water damage restoration process as soon as possible after the initial flood. 

Improper Cleaning

As ironic as it sounds, cleaning your carpet can actually ruin it. This was a bigger problem years ago with less modern carpet cleaning technology, but it can still occur today. The issue to avoid is using too much water in the cleaning process. If too much water is left on the carpet after it has been cleaned, the water and cleaning residue will rise to the top of the carpet as it dries and will actually attract more dirt leaving the carpet with a dull look and even stains at times. To guarantee that you don’t make this mistake, it is best to simply call in the professionals to take care of it for you. 

Vacuuming Mistakes

A common mistake many people do not consider is failing to adjust the height of their vacuum. The height of your vacuum should be in accordance with the height of your carpet. Too high, and the vacuum obviously won’t be able to do its job properly and suck up the debris on the ground. If the vacuum is set too low, however, it can actually damage your carpet. Basically, just make sure your vacuum is low enough to do its job well, but not so low that it will damage your carpet fibers. 

Harsh Chemical Cleaners

The warning label of any carpet cleaning agent will instruct you to spot test the cleaner on a small portion of your carpet before actually using it. You should follow this advice. Doing this will allow you to see if the cleaner is too harsh before using it on your entire carpet.  

Failing To Call The Pros

The biggest mistake of all is not calling the pros when you need help. Our cleaners at K-Tech Kleening in Minocqua will be able to help you keep your carpets in pristine condition without the risk of encountering any of the aforementioned carpet killers.

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