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How to prevent water damage in my Wausau home this summer?

There are a lot of fun things coming “down the pipeline” this summer; perhaps you’ve got a family camping trip, a road trip with old friends, or a high school reunion. Do you want to know what else is coming “down the pipeline?”

Water. And lots of it. And that means that if your pipes aren’t sound, there could also be water in your basement or other interiors of your home. Faulty pipes are the leading cause of interior water damage, but you could also fall victim to poor rain drainage, sump pump (or other appliance) malfunctions, or other sneaky water damage-causers.

Here are a few things that we at K-tech Kleening recommend you can do to prevent water damage in your Wausau home this summer:

Summer Water Damage Prevention Tips

  1. Investigate leaks right away and fix them promptly. This one may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people push off getting help for their water problems. When it all comes down to it, you are never doing any good by waiting to call help. Leaks do not fix themselves. Call a professional team at the first signs of problems to minimize damages, save money in the long run, and grant peace of mind.
  2. Test your sump pump regularly. We’d recommend doing this once a year, and more frequently during especially stormy seasons.  If your pump stops working, water could flood into your basement.
  3. Pay attention to your gutters. Clean them at least twice and year to prevent blockage. Standing water caused by buildup could erode through your gutters and cause damage to your roof. Secure your downspouts so that they point away from your home.
  4. Replace your washing machine hoses regularly. An old or brittle washing machine hose is a recipe for disaster in your home. Invest in replacements when your washing machine hoses start to show signs of age.
  5. Monitor your water pressure. If the pressure of the water running through your pumps is too high, they are far more likely to burst. You can purchase a water pressure gauge at a local hardware store.
  6. Pay attention to your water bill. In addition to damaging your home, leaks can really take a toll on your wallet. A leak in an unknown location may be detected simply by knowing how much to expect on your monthly water bill – if your water bill spikes unexpectedly one month, there is a good chance that there is a leak somewhere causing a double whammy – increased water costs for water that you’re not even using, and the dreaded water damage.

It is important to remember that sometimes, even the best prepared homes fall victim to water damage. The constant battle is preventing it. But, rest assured, if you’ve lost a battle, you can still win the war. Be sure to react properly, and you can minimize the damages to your home and the costs of restoration. It is key to react fast. Water Damage never improves with time. Call a team of professionals from K-Tech today. We are experts in water extraction, structural drying, and thermal imaging. We know what to do, and know how crucial it is that we do it fast. 

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