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House Fires Need Specialized Clean-Up Techniques

A fire loss is devastating and complex because of the unique behavior of smoke. Hot smoke migrates to cooler areas and upper levels of a structure. Smoke flows through plumbing systems, using holes around pipes to go from floor to floor. So the construction of your house and the materials that burn will greatly affect the techniques used to restore your Steven’s Point home. 

House Fire Cleanup Techniques

After diagnosing the source of the damage, a fire restoration team like K-tech will clean each type differently to remove the mess and make sure that smears are not spread. 

Identifying Types of Damage

Soot from fires can come in several forms: dry smoke residue, wet smoke residue, fire extinguisher residue, etc. Current state-of-the-art technology can detect and neutralize these dangerous chemicals and hazardous materials. It is important to quickly get trained technicians at the loss location. K-tech Kleening steps in, takes charge, addresses your concerns and tests the smoke to see which of the following types of fire occurred.

“Wet Smoke” results from low smoldering fires and has a pungent odor while leaving a sticky smear. Smoke webs are more difficult to clean. “Dry Smoke” comes from paper and wood. Fast burning, high temperatures, heat rises therefore the smoke rises. Tear gas, fingerprint powder, fuel oils, fireplace debris and fire extinguisher residue leave more difficult residue.

K-tech Kleening knows how to handle damage in Stevens Point types from smoke, soot and the other results of fire. They will test for toxic gases and materials. Then they will begin removing smoke odor and soot from the indoor environment as well as from valuable electronics, machinery, books, documents, and artwork.

Natural Materials

The dirt, smear and smoke formed by wood, paper, natural rubber, leather, etc. will appear as a dry powdery residue that is greyish-black in color. These residues are comparatively easy to tackle. Wire brushing, soap, vacuuming and dry-chemo cleaning are usually very successful.

Melted Plastics

The burning of synthetic or Man-made material will be accompanied by thick black smoke. Hydrocarbon (HC) based materials such as Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) are used in plastics, fabrics  window coverings, furniture, carpets, and electronics. A resistant, smeary residue remains which requires an expert to do a professional cleaning. The process used is vacuuming followed by dry-chemo sponge cleaning.

Oven Fires

The burning of proteins such as meat and beans produces residue with a different chemical structure. The smear would appear as dark patches or yellowish brown and has sticky nature makes the situation bit repulsive. Professional cleaners will use the correct chemicals, soaking time frame and the best process to eliminate residue with minimal corrosion. 

Professional Help to Remove Smoke and Soot

K-tech Kleening uses specialized restoration procedures capable of removing smoke, odor and smoke stains quickly to ensure the damage will not become permanently embedded in the structure. Many of your personal items can also be brought back to life in the Content Care Center using our “Fire Line Cleaning System” with ultrasonic cleaning capabilities. 

K-tech Kleening’s certified restoration technicians utilize media blasting equipment with dry ice and soda combinations that remove soot and char from fire damaged structures. This nontoxic and nonflammable technique can remove soot from many types of materials including brick, concrete and wood.

Special Damage To Electronics

When electronics are covered in smoke, they become prone to extreme overheating, which can result in premature failure. When smoke reaches the inside components of electronics, a black film develops causing insulation on the heat-producing parts.  

  • Corrosion – The acidic nature of soot can corrode surfaces, degrading key components and shortening lifespan.
  • Acidity – Destroys metals, which causes discoloration and disintegration.
  • Insulation – The black film left behind by soot can coat surfaces, insulating integral parts and resulting in extreme overheating that can lead to premature failure, or worse, fire. If these components overheat, they can also release toxic fumes into the air.
  • Magnetization – Smoke has a magnetic charge that can easily short circuit electronics.

For Fire Damage Cleanup In Stevens Point

At K-tech Kleening, your family, property and belongings are the priority. Multiple offices and 45-plus fleet of vehicles provide a quick response.

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