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Four Parts Of Fire Damage Cleanup

A house fire can lead to a whole host of problems throughout any Stevens Point home. It can damage everything from ceilings, carpet, walls, and clothing. Because the effects of a fire can damage so many different parts of a home, it is important to know what can be done to restore the damage to each of those parts.

Fire Damage Cleanup Components

Here are a few tips on how to do that as recommended by our fire restoration professionals at K-tech Kleening

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Repairing Smoke Damage To Walls

The smoke from a fire can be incredibly pervasive. In fact, it can sink down deeply into your walls and be very difficult to remove. If the smoke damage is only mild then the smoke can possibly be removed by scrubbing the walls with detergent and bleach. For serious smoke damage, however, your only option is to contact the professionals for help fixing the damage. Lastly, you should take note if there are large amounts of soot. Soot is very greasy so you should remove as much of the soot as possible before doing any scrubbing. 

Removing Mold And Mildew

Removing the mold and mildew brought on by the water used to put out the fire is a critical step of fire damage cleanup. The mold and mildew growth can be quite severe at times since a lot of water is needed to put out a flood. For instance, a fire hose can output hundreds of gallons of water per minute. The mold cleanup step should never be skipped over since mold can lead to serious health problems and structural damage. Make sure to make mold cleanup after a fire a priority to save your home from additional disaster. 

Repairing Flooring And Carpet

With all the water that is involved in putting out a fire, your floors and carpets will end up absorbing the worst of it. In almost every case, it’s recommended that you pull up any carpets that have water damage and replace them. Water can also seep underneath vinyl flooring and into cracks of hardwood. If you have experience with flooring, you can lift it up and clean under them, but you may want to call a professional fire damage restoration company to assist you. That way, you have the guarantee that your flooring and carpet will receive the best care possible. 

Restoring Clothing

Removing smoke damage from clothing is one of the most frustrating steps of fire damage cleanup. The best tips for dealing with clothing like this is to avoid smearing greasy soot into the clothing or throwing smoky clothes straight into the wash. Instead, it is usually best to find a quality local dry cleaner and have your clothes cleaned there. 

At K-tech Kleening we hope you never have to deal with the damaging effects of a fire in your Stevens Point home. Nonetheless, if your home is ever damaged by a fire, we hope you find the above tips useful during the restoration process.

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