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Water Damage From Refrigerators And Ice Makers

water damage minocqua, water damage cleanup minocqua, water damage restoration minocqua,Many kitchen floods are caused by broken refrigerators, ice makers, water supply lines or connections. There are several reasons why these appliances cause flooding. The typical plastic water supply lines degrade and crack over time. When moving the refrigerator, the supply line may become kinked if the refrigerator is pushed too close to the wall. Also, if the refrigerator is pulled too far from the wall when cleaning behind it, the connection could break. 

Refrigerator & Ice Maker Water Damage

Refrigerator water damage doesn’t always happen suddenly. Sometimes, the plastic water line behind the refrigerator will crack or weaken, causing a slow leak. Over time, this leak drips can cause serious damage to the wall and the flooring beneath the fridge. At K-tech Kleening in Minocqua, we have seen kitchen water damage of all types and sizes. Here is some information that can help you deal with appliance water damage better. 

Common Repairs 

Water damage repairs will depend highly on the extent of the water damage. If the water has only recently been there, chances are that you can mop it up and air out the surfaces. Once dry, the flooring should return to normal. You’ll want to make sure that the walls are adequately dried as well, as this will prevent mold growth.

If the water damage has been spreading of a longer period of time, you’ll likely need to have the flooring and drywall replaced to preserve the integrity of your home. Because mold is also a serious possibility, we always recommend that you rely on professional water damage restoration experts to assess the damage, evaluate for necessary repairs, and follow their guidance. Water damage of this nature should never be attempted on your own and without the proper training, experience, and equipment.

Insurance Coverage

Unfortunately, slow leaks (like ones caused by a toilet, ice maker, freezer, or fridge) are NOT covered by a typical homeowner’s insurance policy. Your insurance will usually cover things like damage caused by a “sudden and accidental” leak or other malfunctions, and not water damages that are determined to be due to negligence. 

Prevention Is The Key

A broken water line can send gallons of water onto the floor in just minutes. Or worse, a small leak at a connection can allow a tiny drip to silently degrade your kitchen. Take the risk seriously:

  • Clear away any dust and debris from behind the unit, then check for hard water buildup in the water line.  
  • Replace the inexpensive plastic with a copper or stainless steel line that offers better durability.
  • Turn off your main water supply before  going on an extended vacation.
  • Periodically check around the fridge and under sinks to look for telltale signs of water damage. Slow leaks can not only cause damage to the flooring; it can be a place that harbors mold growth.
  • Purchase a battery operated water alarm.  If the sensor comes into contact with water, it will let off an alarm. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Minocqua

Keep your Minocqua home safe from water damage and your family safe from mold by calling K-tech Kleening as soon as you notice water damgage. Our team of highly trained and certified technicians can handle any job, big or small. Whether you are in need of a bio-wash antimicrobial cleaning in one room or an entire remediation of your home or business, our team has the equipment and the staff to put your worries at ease.

We serve customers in Minocqua with multiple offices and 45-plus fleet of vehicles to reach outlying rural and metropolitan locations.

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