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Avoid Basement Flooding During Summer Storms

Storm Damage

At a time where there seems to be so much disagreement, there is one thing we can agree on – we love the summer storms but hate the threat it brings to our basement. Your basement is definitely more likely to flood during a storm so that’s why we trust our sump pumps. 

The purpose of your sump pump is to help ensure your basement doesn’t flood by sending water away from your basement and your home’s foundation. As groundwater levels rise during a storm, the water is diverted to the sump pit. When the water rises above a certain level, a float activates a switch. 

Although we hope this situation never occurs, your sump pump may fail for a variety of reasons. It could have been improperly installed or maintained poorly. Another situation could occur if the storm causes a power outage. The sump pump could then have a difficult time keeping up while running on a battery backup. 

How to Prevent Basement Flooding

Unfortunately, when the pump stops working, you need to start working. If you have a dormant pump, there’s going to be water coming into the basement. If the amount of water is manageable, you can mop it up, deposit it to a bucket, and dump at least 20 feet away from the house. Storm damage clean up is never fun but the faster you remove the excess water, obviously the better.  The longer water stands in your basement, the more damage it’s going to cause. The list includes but is not limited to ruined flooring, stained walls, damaged furnishings. This incident can create a musty odor – ew and the moisture can provide an optimal environment for mold – yuck. Visit our website to learn more about mold removal

When To Call The Professionals

If the basement flooding is more serious, you can hire the specialists with all the necessary equipment and experience. Schedule an appointment immediately if there was widespread flooding in your area as we could get booked for several days. Water damage restoration companies will be busy!

Even after you get all the water and moisture removed from your basement, experts recommend replacing any drywall and carpeting to avoid mold growth. Overall, you should make your sump pump a priority. It could save you countless hours, thousands of dollars in damage, and unmeasurable amounts of stress. If you ever are in this situation, know you can count on K-tech for your water damage clean up and flood clean up. 

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