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17th Annual K-tech Charities Pink Ribbon Open

The Pink Ribbon Open rallies people from all over the world to touch the hearts of hundreds. In addition to the strong local participation, people from Chicago, Tennessee and even Australia come to support this annual golf outing in Central Wisconsin.

This event focuses on supporting breast cancer survivors by raising funds to help with expenses associated with their treatment. Typically scheduled for the beginning of June, this year’s outing is hosted at the Wausau Country Club on Monday August 10, 2020. This year may be a little different due to the current pandemic but it is still going to make a difference. 

At last year’s Pink Ribbon, the 16th annual event, they raised over $70,000 and celebrated raising more than one million dollars to that date. Over 120 breast cancer patients have been helped with medical bills and day-to-day expenses as they undergo treatment. This would not be possible without the overwhelming contributions from local businesses, friends and family. 

K-tech Participates in The Pink Ribbon Open

K-tech Kleening President Craig Kersemeier emphasizes that “the success of K-tech Charities is due to the generosity of the businesses and individuals who partner with us in our efforts.” He continues, “We have been blessed with the opportunity to help our community and assist women with their courageous battle with breast cancer.” Although there are so many great memories associated with the Pink Ribbon Open, Craig finds the most special moments are “when recipients come back the following year and you hear their success on how they beat cancer!”

Sue Kersemeier, one of the initial developers of K-tech Charities, helps with the application process and says she has met the most amazing ladies and feels that they are all family. “Their courage and determination to fight their battle is nothing but outstanding,” she says. Craig explains that hearing the recipients’ stories, their struggles and their hardships really helps put your life into perspective. 

Michelle Millikin, a donor and member of the PRO committee, shares, “I remember the first year I became involved. I was able to see the love and generosity swarm around the event and humbly listened to a few families relay their stories. One was a survivor, one was a fiancé of a recipient, followed by a daughter speaking on behalf of her mother. I was so overwhelmed by the strength, courage and support that evening it brought me to tears. I have been an active member of the PRO committee and donor since.” She encourages anyone who has not attended to see what our amazing community can do together. 

All of the proceeds stay in North Central Wisconsin. Michelle says she appreciates “knowing that the money goes directly to our neighbors with individual needs, not diffused under a “research” category or with heavy administrative costs through a national organization.”

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