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Mold Removal in Unlikely Places

When you think of mold growth in your home, you might expect it after a pipe breaks or other water damage situation. And you would be right, most of the time. But the mold removal technicians at K-tech Kleening know that mold can grow even in the most unlikely places.

Surprising Areas for Mold Growth

Other issues come up that involve mold. It doesn’t have to be in a dark basement. If you have moisture, a food source, and especially dark conditions, mold can grow.

Your bedroom

As scary as it may sound, it’s true. Mold can grow on and even inside your mattress. As you sleep, you perspire, and that moisture can be the start of mold growth. You can clean visible mold from the surface of your mattress, but it’s difficult to clean inside the mattress. A professional cleaning company may be able to help. But prevention is what you should concentrate on, and an appropriate mattress pad/cover will help.

Your bathroom

Common areas that can experience mold growth are around the base of toilets, shower stalls or bathtubs, and under sinks, such as in cabinet areas. It’s no surprise when you spot some mold in those areas. However, mold can also grow on cleaning supplies that haven’t been used in a few days, and even on toothbrushes left unused. Anything you use that involves moisture (brushes, scrub pads, buckets) and especially stored in a dark place, be sure to clean and dry them completely.

Your kitchen

The kitchen is a mold playground, because of all the food sources combined with potential moisture. There are so many places mold can grow, so we can’t include all of them. Some obvious spots include inside and behind the refrigerator, under the sink, and in cabinets. Mold growth inside the refrigerator goes against logic that mold requires warmth – it is obviously not always true. Check dark areas where mold may grow unnoticed, such as under sinks and where there are pipes that leak or simply have condensation on them. Inspect these areas frequently to stay on top of mold removal.

If your home is in need of mold remediation, call K-tech Kleening at 715-355-1369. After all, it pays to call a pro!

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