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Cleaning Supplies Everyone Needs

Cleaning is an important part of our lives. The To-Do list is endless, from laundry and dishes to carpet cleaning and washing windows. It’s in our DNA to keep things as clean as possible.

Your Carpet Cleaning Supply Checklist

What makes life easier is when we have the best cleaning and equipment supplies for the task at hand. You not only want to do the best cleaning you can but also keep productivity high and save time.

Cleaning high touch points

The topic of cleaning and disinfecting high touch points is paramount during COVID-19. To be effective, you need appropriate cleaning solutions partnered with an EPA-approved disinfectant, the ability to deliver the products to the surface, and a way to wipe or clean the surface. Purchase your products in spray bottles or put your products into quality spray bottles, but as always, follow directions from the manufacturer. If you transfer products, be sure to properly label everything so there is no confusing what is being used. Store all products out of the reach of children.

Quality cloths, such as from cotton or polyester microfibers, help pick up and remove soils and contaminants from high touch points.

Floors and carpet cleaning

Make sure you have quality brooms and mops for cleaning your floors, along with a floor cleaning solution. The bristles of your brooms should be small in diameter and packed tightly, so debris doesn’t get left behind as you work. Flat mops can be used for sweeping as well; you have plenty of options. Investigate how modern mop heads have improved over traditional string mops. Purchase quality products, and yes… you will pay more, but it will be worth it.

For carpet and rug cleaning, your vacuum should be high quality as well, with HEPA filtration abilities. Empty your vacuum after each use if you use a bagless cleaning unit or change your vacuum bag when it’s half-full (or less). Change it if you ever notice a bad odor coming from the vacuum.

Odds and ends

A wide array of brushes, scrub pads, cleaning cloths, and cleaning solutions for all surfaces are what smart cleaning enthusiasts have at the ready. A spotting kit for your carpet and upholstery will come in handy.

Of course, the best thing is to call your favorite cleaning company to do it for you. After all, it pays to call a pro!

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