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Air Duct Cleaning Is Best Done in Fall

Air Duct Cleaning leaves

Autumn is officially upon us!  This change of season brings cooler weather, pumpkin carving, and football. It also brings a whole new list of home maintenance to-dos for homeowners. There are leaves to rake, gutters to clean, and chimneys to sweep.

3 Reasons Fall if a Great Time for Air Duct Cleaning

If you’ve had air duct cleaning on your to-do list for some time now, here are just a few reasons why the fall season is the perfect time of year to get your home’s air ducts cleaned.

Improved indoor air quality

According to the EPA, the average person spends about 90% of their time indoors. With temperatures dropping, we’ll be huddled inside under blankets with the windows closed and the heat or fireplace on. Over time, dust, soot, dander, and other indoor air pollutants will accumulate in your home’s air ducts. This recirculates throughout your home every time the furnace kicks on. When you schedule your air duct cleaning in fall, you’re taking the steps to ensure that you and your family are not breathing in those pollutants all winter. This is especially important with the flu season on the horizon.

Increased energy efficiency & savings

When your air ducts are dirty, your HVAC system must work harder to maintain the desired temperature setting of your thermostat. You can prepare your system by having your home’s air ducts cleaned now, before you start using it full-time in winter. The sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll see the benefit of increased energy efficiency and savings on your electricity bill.

Reduce allergy symptoms

Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean the end of your allergy symptoms. If you suffer from allergies, take extra precautions to avoid a spike in their symptoms during the autumn season. Less sunlight and colder weather create favorable conditions for fungi and mold growth, especially on decaying plants and piles of leaves, which can potentially enter homes through the air ducts and cause various health issues. Luckily, air duct cleaning can uncover the presence of mold as well as other potential hazards within your system. 

Content adapted from original blog published by NADCA

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