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Maintaining Wonderful Wood Floors

Cleaning and maintaining hard surfaces is a task that can really enhance the appearance and value of your home.

While most hard floors respond well to routine cleaning and maintenance, there are still challenges inherent with natural wood flooring materials that require your special attention.

The first challenge is a gritty one. Speaking of soil, of course. Any type of soil on a surface acts as a natural “sandpaper” and slowly but surely damages the surface as it is walked on. This can happen to carpet and hard floors, but it’s the appearance of hard floors that will show the damage. Imagine putting some sand on plexiglass and walking on it for a long period of time. The surface is going to get scratched and you will see it. The same is true of hard floors. Carpet may hide the issue to some degree — hard floors do not.

How to Maintain Wood Floors

Use these tips to keep your wood floors looking their best.

A Maintenance Schedule is Key

The key to protecting your wonderful wood floors is daily maintenance. Don’t let a day go by without sweeping or, even better, using a dust mop on the floor. It doesn’t take long to do this, just a few minutes, but keeping that gritty soil off the floor will protect it. Choose a quality dust mop wide enough to make quick work of the chore, but not too wide that you can’t get into tight areas or corners.

There are special vacuum cleaners for hard surfaces that work great as well.

At least once a week, completely clean your wood floors. This means after removing the dry, gritty soil, deep clean the floor with warm detergent solution. Choose a detergent for your type of floor. A quick online search should provide you with the best product type. Keep moisture to a minimum but enough to dampen the floor as you clean it, removing oils and contaminants as you work. Rinse out and repeat several times until you are confident your wood floors are “squeaky clean.”

When you come across specks or soils that stick to the floor, scrape them off with your fingernail or a sharp blade, but be careful not to scratch the floor.

Of course, the best way to care for your wood floors is to use professionals who know exactly how to maintain them. Call K-tech Kleening, your floor care and carpet cleaning experts. 1-800-215-8324

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