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Evidence of Water Damage

Water stains on a wall indicating a water leak needing repair.

When something fails, such as a high-pressure fresh water source to your toilet… or perhaps a leaky drainpipe underneath the kitchen sink… its important to recognize the signs of water damage in your home. No matter what it may be, you usually know what to do. Clean it up, get it dry, and call a professional water damage restoration company to ensure all is good and there is no possible way mold can grow. You want peace of mind, and this is the way to get it.

However, sometimes you just don’t know when things happen, when there is a leak or when water intrusion occurs — because it can be slowly invasive and build up over time.

Signs of Water Damage

There are several steps to determining if you have an actual water damage situation and when you must call a pro — and when you can do it yourself. Remember, you can’t be too cautious with the well-being of your loved ones.

The Nose Knows

Damp and wet areas affected by water intrusion demonstrate themselves after a day or two with a very easy to detect odor. It will just smell wet, musty, and unhealthy. If you detect anything like that, it’s time to do some serious investigating. You may not actually see the water intrusion, but no doubt it is probably there.

Spotting Surface Damage

You can often see swelling materials, such as the particle board under a sink, providing evidence of water intrusion. When things buckle, even if you notice it after the surface has dried, there is potential of subsequent water damage, because if it leaked once… it will again!

Water Stains

You can usually see this in the ceilings and areas around water sources. Sometimes it is around windows. If you detect water marks (think of a carpet under a water fountain in a building) then you need to put your investigative hat on and figure out if it is a big deal or not — and most likely, it will be a big deal.

The evidence of water damage can be easy to see, and sometimes it hides and continues to affect surfaces and your health until it becomes a serious issue. If you have any water damage issues or questions, do the right thing. Call K-tech Restoration today and ask for an inspection. With over 45 years of experience in restoration, K-tech will get the job done right to protect your home’s health!

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