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Water Damage Marathon

Water Damage Marathon County

When water damage Marathon happens, you have to react quickly. Water damage will only keep getting worse with each minute that the liquid is not removed from your property. It will keep infiltrating all the porous building materials, causing extensive structural instability. If it is left for even longer it will result in rot and mold. So respond quickly when you have water damage and call your locally trusted water damage restoration professional.

Call K-tech Kleening the moment you notice water damage on your Marathon County WI property. We respond immediately 24/7/365 and dispatch a professional to your property. Our IICRC-certified water damage technician inspects the damages and begins the restoration process. We are your trusted water damage Marathon County cleanup company.

Water Extraction

All water restoration projects start with emergency water extraction for a reason. Water needs to be removed from the property as soon as it is found. As the water keeps doing damage with each minute that it is left standing on the property it means that if it is not removed ASAP it will result in catastrophic damages. K-Tech Kleening is equipped with state-of-the-art, truck-mounted water extraction equipment that will quickly remove all the standing water.
Our highly trained and experienced team will work tirelessly until the very last drop of water is removed from your property.

Call K-Tech Kleening 24/7 for professional emergency water removal & water extraction services in Marathon County, Wisconsin. 

Water Extraction Marathon

Water Damage Cleanup Process

When it comes to water damage the scope of the damage can make a big difference when it comes to damage, but the reaction has to be the same. Even with the smallest amounts of water damage, you have to react quickly and call a professional to handle your water loss. Otherwise, you are risking much higher costs and damages. When it comes to working with K-Tech Kleening we have worked out a detailed restoration plan that is adjusted to each property, as each comes with its own challenges. The outline of our restoration is the following:

Free Water Damage Inspection:  As soon as we receive your phone call, we will dispatch one of our professional water damage technicians. They will carefully inspect your Marathon County property, determine the source of the water damage, and give you a time and cost estimate.

Water Extraction:  The moment we agree upon a restoration plan, our team will get started on the emergency water extraction, using industrial-grade equipment like water pumps, water mates, and wet vacuums. Our machines will be switched off only once every last drop of water is removed from the property.

Damaged Materials Removal:  Whatever was the cause of the water loss, the chances are that there will be materials that have absorbed water. Once a material becomes oversaturated it is beyond salvaging. To protect you from rot and mold, we will remove all the oversaturated materials that are found.

Dry & Dehumidify:  Following the removal of damaged materials we have to dry out the area to prevent rapid mold growth. We use industry-leading dehumidifiers, air movers, and blowers.

Water Damage Repairs:  The last step of our water damage restoration process will be to complete any and all repairs needed to return your property to its pre-loss condition. As a licensed general contractor with experience in both the construction and restoration industries, you can rely on K-tech Kleening to handle all of your water damage repairs.

Water Damage Repairs

Water damage repairs might be the last step of our water restoration process in Marathon County, but they are just as important. Having a water restoration company perform the repairs means that you will have a team that has a profound understanding of the damages to your property, and the experience in dealing with such problems. Only once the water damage repairs are finished can we say that your property has fully recovered from water damage. We handle all cases of water damage repairs, no matter how big or small. From minor plumbing fixes to drywall replacement and complete remodeling, we have the skills necessary.

K-tech Kleening has unmatched experience in both the construction and restoration industries. On top of that, we are a licensed general contractor, which allows us to comfortably handle all types of water damage repairs. Give us a call at the first sign of water damage in your Marathon County home or business and we will help you fully restore your property.

Water Damage Repairs Marathon

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