What’s in Your Ducts?

Whether you have a small pipe break or your entire home, business or cottage is flooded, complete structure drying is critical. Not just your carpet. A wide range of issues can develop as a result not properly drying ceilings, walls and floors. Special drying techniques and equipment are used to insure the most efficient drying. We set up, monitor and have a drying process through every phase to ensure proper drying occurs. We ensure that moisture deep within the walls, floors and ceilings are monitored and dried. This process is completed by using special imaging equipment.


Thermal Imaging

The thermal imaging camera is a non-intrusive way of determining wet areas within a structure. The camera helps the Water Mitigation Technician understand what areas need more drying and what areas dry. This is especially useful when water has saturated ceilings and walls. Although nothing appears wet to the naked eye of the homeowner, the camera reveals moisture as “wet spots” on the display. Wet spots are areas that are saturated with water that conduct and store heat better than areas not affected by water.

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