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crawl space moldWhen was the last time you looked in your crawlspace? Moisture invading your crawlspace is a common issue and one that can significantly damage to your home over time. Things like mold, pests and insects are common when moisture is present or persistent, and things like structural damage or rotting can also occur.

For many people, needing to enter your crawlspace is not something you ever want to do. But ignoring a moisture problem in your crawlspace could be a costly mistake. Crawlspace encapsulation can protect your crawlspace and prevent moisture from entering the area.

Sources of Crawlspace Moisture

Water can enter your crawlspace from a variety of sources. Poor drainage around the foundation of your home caused by landscaping or improperly placed gutters can cause water to pool and seep into your foundation. A high water table can also cause problems for homeowners. Other problems – such as a leaking or burst pipe – can also leave your crawlspace flooded.

By design, crawlspaces can attract and trap moisture that evaporates from the ground making for a damp environment. Vents that allow warm humid air to enter the cooler crawlspace can also lead to condensation and humidity issues.

What Can I Do?

Crawlspace encapsulation prevents moisture from entering your crawlspace, and provides a physical barrier to protect your crawlspace from unwanted moisture. Ongoing moisture concerns should be addressed before the vapor barrier is installed, and may include removing any standing water, installing vent covers or using a dehumidifier.

Professional Crawlspace Encapsulation Installation

K-tech Kleening provides professional crawlspace encapsulation installation. If you have battled with mold or moisture problems in your crawlspace, call our experienced team today to learn more about how we can help solve the problem for good.

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