What’s in Your Ducts?

drug lab cleanupClandestine drug labs used for the manufacture of methamphetamine are commonly found in a home, apartment, or hotel room. These makeshift laboratories pose a significant threat while the lab is in operation, but even after police shutdown the lab and seize the chemicals and equipment used to manufacture the drugs, hazardous chemical residues still remain and must be removed before it is safe to occupy the space.

Chemical residues left behind in a clandestine drug lab cannot be ignored, and they simply can’t be cleaned using household cleaners or covered up with paint. Exposure to these harmful chemicals can cause significant health problems. If you know or suspect your property has previously been used a clandestine drug lab, you should contact a professional who can safely handle the cleanup and decontamination. You’ll be protecting your own health and ensuring that the property is completely decontaminated and safe for occupation.

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