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Vilas County WI

Explore Vilas County WI

Located on the northern edge of Wisconsin, Vilas County WI is a beautiful place to discover. It is home to over 21,000 residents and spreads across 1000 square miles. The county seat is Eagle River, Wisconsin. The area is a known logging area and there is many dams built around. There are plenty of things to explore in Vilas County WI, so come on over and discover it!

History of Vilas County WI

History of Vilas County WI

Vilas County WI was originally a part of Marathon County, then Lincoln, then Oneida before finally becoming Vilas County. The area was settled by Native Americans long ago, but the first white settlers came in 1818 when a trading post was set up.

The County was officially formed in 1893 and named after William F. Vilas of Madison.

The area proved a bountiful logging spot, with lumberjacks coming from all over the northern USA to chop trees there. One of the consequences of the logging efforts was the construction of the dams that still dot the area. They were originally built to help the loggers send the timber downriver to the Wisconsin River valley.

Things To Do In Vilas County WI

Vilas County WI has some of the nicest golf courses around. There are nine different courses in this county, which just goes to show how popular the sport is. You can find an exhaustive list of the courses here.

Besides golfing you could also try your hand at geocaching. It is a great way to spend time with family in nature while having a fun treasure hunt all over the beautiful Wisconsin woods and nature.

If you want to explore the history of the Native Americans that have inhabited the lands before the European settlers arrived, there is The George W. Brown, Jr. Ojibwe Museum & Cultural Center.

There is so much to do in Vilas County that you will never get bored. Come and see why so many people are happy and proud to call it home!

Golf Course Vilas County WI

Vilas County WI Restoration Services

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Water Damage Restoration Vilas County

Water Damage Vilas County WI

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Mold Removal Vilas County

Mold Removal Vilas County WI

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Fire Damage Vilas County

Fire Damage Vilas County WI

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Flood damage Vilas County WI

Flood Damage Vilas County WI

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