What’s in Your Ducts?

fresh and clean carpets Your carpet collects soil, dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens and traps them deep within the carpet fibers. Eventually, these trapped contaminants need to be removed, and regular vacuuming won’t be enough to remove the deeply embedded contaminants. The dirt and other contaminants are abrasive and can actually cause premature wear and extensive damage to your carpets. The only way to completely remove the embedded soil and contaminants is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company like K-tech Kleening, who has the proper tools, training and experience to effectively clean your carpets.

Spot Removal

carpet & wineSpots and stains are inevitable and they happen to everyone, no matter how careful they may be. Spots or stains might be the result of spilled food or drink, or an accident by a pet or child. When a spot appears on your carpet it may be best to contact the professionals to safely remove the spot, preventing permanent staining. Every stain has a different method of removal that is both safe and effective. Professional carpet cleaning companies have extensive knowledge when it comes to spot and stain removal and know what techniques to use for each type of stain and carpet type. Attempting to remove the spot on your own could result in permanent damage to your carpet fibers and color.

Choose K-tech Kleening

When you choose K-tech Kleening to clean your carpets, you can be confident that you’re hiring highly trained and certified technicians. Whether your needs include full-room carpet cleaning or cleaning high-traffic areas, K-tech offers a 100% guarantee of satisfactory workmanship.

Our certified experts use a hot water extraction system and environmentally-friendly green products, leaving no residue and providing for a faster drying time. Protective 3M Scotchgard and odor neutralizing products can also be applied at the time of cleaning. Ask us about our Spot and Stain Warranty.

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