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Lincoln County WI

Explore Lincoln County WI

Lincoln County WI was named after one of the greatest US presidents: Abraham Lincoln. Even though it was established in the 1800s, today, Lincoln County WI has only just over 24,000 residents. Its two main cities are Merrill, which is also the county seat, and Tomahawk, Wisconsin.

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A road in Lincoln County WI

A Brief History of Lincoln County WI

The county was founded in 1874. Its initial progress and growth were closely tied with the local logging industry that was flourishing in the area. With time, all the woods that were cleared created the perfect site for farmers to work. Storefronts and roads started springing up, as well as farms.

All the life in the county was organized around the Wisconsin River, which holds special importance in the hearts of the county’s residents.

Lincoln County’s main two cities: Merrill and Tomahawk, were both founded in the 1800s. Merrill is the larger of the two, as well as the county seat. Tomahawk is somewhat smaller. However, the locality is equally important, as the local pulp and paper industry played an important part in the county’s history and is a key industry even today.

Things To Do In Lincoln County WI

Lincoln County is famous as a great fishing ground. People from all over the state come to its lush green nature to enjoy the benefits of Wisconsin state. The area is not just for fishermen as there is plenty of boat rentals, campgrounds, and parks for everyone to enjoy. In fact, Lincoln County is home to 726 lakes and 246 streams.

One of the more popular parks is Timms’s Hill County Park. This great park features a tall central tower that is frequently used as a meeting point for various hiking groups. The park is spacious and very family-friendly.

For those that want to experience some great indoor adventures, they can visit the Sawmill Adventure Park. This park features many trampolines and other family-friendly amenities.

Trampoline Park in Lincoln County WI

Lincoln County WI Restoration Services

K-tech Kleening is the #1 locally trusted restoration company in the county. Not only do we offer comprehensive water damage restoration services that include water damage repairs and flood damage cleanup services. But we are also are your go-to company for fire damage restoration, smoke damage cleaning, and mold removal. Our companies services are not limited to residential properties, but also commercial properties. If you are a commercial property owner you can look at our commercial emergency response plan to keep your business property safe in the event of an emergency.

K-tech Kleening provides 24/7/365 emergency restoration services. Our response team is always ready and waiting so that when you are in need we can be there as quickly as possible.

Water damage Lincoln County WI

Water Damage Lincoln County WI

If you find water damage on your property, do not delay! Call K-tech Kleening for 24/7 water damage cleanup, water restoration, and water damage repairs. We are here to help!

Mold Removal services Lincoln County WI

Mold Removal Lincoln County WI

Mold is quite common, especially in humid areas like bathrooms. Mold is a serious health hazard and it will almost always get worse without mold remediation. Trust K-tech with your mold removal needs.

Fire Damage Lincoln County WI

Fire Damage Lincoln County WI

After you deal with a fire you need a professional that can help you recover from it with specialized and eco-friendly fire, smoke, and soot damage repair services. Call K-tech today for comprehensive fire restoration

Flood Damage Lincoln County WI

Flood Damage Lincoln County WI

As soon as a flood damages your home or business, you need help. Delaying will result in even higher costs and damages. The emergency cleanup response team at K-tech Kleening is available to assist 24/7/365.


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