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Commercial Emergency Response Plan

No company is immune to natural disasters or water, fire and smoke damage, but having an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for your business can reduce downtime and help you get back to work. Plus, our emergency response program gives you top priority for restoration services.

K-tech Kleening is your trusted partner for creating a plan for fast recovery. We perform a free evaluation of your facility and collect all the information necessary for an effective disaster mitigation plan. When an emergency strikes, we are ready to respond with the right equipment, an experienced team and K-tech expertise.

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Our ERP Platform

The easy-to-use ERP platform allows you to upload your company information and access it digitally from anywhere. Floor plans, contracts, rate sheets, communication trees and more — all available through the K-tech portal by computer or by app on your smartphone. So there’s no paperwork or equipment that could be lost in an emergency.

Platform Features

  • 24/7 access
  • Secure login
  • Upload/download documents from any device
  • Photo storage
  • Primary vendors and contacts
  • Utility controls and shutoff locations
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Commercial Emergency Response Plan

Being Unprepared Comes at Great Risk

When your facility has a major fire or water damage, the speed of response has a significant impact on the costs to your business. Any delay in disaster restoration services can increase your expenses in multiple ways

Further damage: The cost of restoration multiplies by the hour due to secondary damage. Mold growth, smoke damage, wind and water damage from a compromised roof or even structural collapse are all possible.

Costly downtime: To make money, your business needs to be up and running. The longer it takes to return to normal business, the greater the losses.

Lost employees: Lengthy downtimes may cost you your best employees, who will seek employment elsewhere.

Losing it all: Without a commercial Emergency Response Plan in place, your business may not recover at all. According to FEMA, 40% to 60% of small businesses never reopen after major disasters.

When a fire strikes your home or business, K-tech Kleening can help with fire damage cleanup, including fire, smoke and water damage., emergency response program, restoration services, disaster restoration services, fire and smoke damage

Is the K-tech ERP Right for Your Business?

Absolutely! K-tech helps design Emergency Response Plans for facilities like these:

  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial & manufacturing
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Your business
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