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Smoke Damage Cleaning

One of the most difficult and underestimated aspects of the fire restoration process is smoke damage cleaning and smoke deodorization. Smoke particles permeate every nook and cranny of your property, making the damage challenging to clean, and the odor a nuisance to remove. K-tech Kleening is your certified smoke soot cleanup company with all of the relevant experience needed to restore your space after a fire.

While DIY smoke damage removal can seem like a tempting idea, it is better to spare yourself the effort and hassle. The oily residues left behind often lend to a bigger mess if improperly cleaned. Enlist the assistance of K-tech Kleening today to make your home or business habitable again. From smoke soot cleanup to smoke damage cleaning, smoke odor removal, and smoke deodorization, we are here for you!

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Types of Smoke Damage

An important step in the smoke damage restoration process is assessing what type of smoke damage is affecting the property. We tend to see three possible types of smoke damage that result based on the temperature of the blaze, the materials burned, and the location.  Our team of professional smoke damage cleaning technicians is comfortable restoring all types of smoke damage, including:

Dry Smoke

Dry smoke is brought on by quick-burning, high-temperature fires that burn wood or paper. This type of smoke is relatively simple to clean, yet often falls into crevices and permeates porous materials. This means the house may look clean, but the smoke smell can linger.

Wet Smoke

Low-heat, smoldering fires that burn plastic and/or rubber produce wet smoke. While this type of fire causes fewer flames, the smoke is denser and smellier than other types of smoke damage. The sticky wet residue smears when cleaned, and thus requires proper methods and equipment.

Protein Residue

Protein residue comes about via the burning of organic materials that evaporate in a low-heat fire. The residue is almost invisible, without soot or streaks. However, the major detriment of protein residue is the discoloration of surfaces with which it comes into contact, as well as its unpleasant smell.

Smoke Damage Restoration Process

Smoke damage is often more complex than most homeowners are aware. Due to the nature and composition of smoke soot particles, damage can affect the spaces behind cabinets, vanities, outlets, and other fixtures. We know all of the tricky hiding spots to get your home or business back in order.

For smoke soot cleanup, we first remove all irreparably damaged building materials. Then, our technicians use media blasting equipment with dry ice/soda blasting to remove soot and char from fire-damaged structures. Dry ice/soda blasting is nontoxic and nonflammable. With this method, soot can be removed from many types of materials including brick, concrete and wood.

Once the residue is gone, we being deodorizing the affected areas to allow you to breathe easily again. Our specialized smoke damage cleanup procedures are capable of removing smoke, odor and smoke stains quickly to ensure the damage will not become permanently embedded in the structure. Many of your personal items can also be brought back to life in our Content Care Center using our Fire Line Cleaning System with ultrasonic cleaning capabilities.

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Smoke Odor Removal & Smoke Deodorization

Smoke odor tends to linger after a fire. Not only is the smell a triggering reminder of an unpleasant event, it can also negatively impact your health and breathing. For this reason, it is essential that the smoke soot cleanup, smoke odor removal, and smoke deodorization efforts are extremely thorough.

K-tech Kleening understands that smoke damage restoration goes beyond removing charred items and restoring fixtures. We utilize professional-grade solutions to deodorize the premises that are guaranteed to make the space feel and look like new again.

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Comprehensive Contents Cleaning & Contents Restoration

When your home or business is affected by fire or  smoke damage, the devastation is compounded by the loss of your property’s contents. Working with a professional contents cleaning facility can recover and restore your items at a cost lower than replacement. It’s important for contents to be cleaned as soon as possible, for as time passes, the chance of permanent damage increases. Our staff can clean and restore many items such as:

  • Electronics
  • Documents
  • Photographs
  • Antiques
  • Dinnerware
  • Glassware
  • And more

Our contents cleaning system effectively removes smoke, soot and other contaminants from your personal property, restoring its condition. After a disaster, our team will carefully pack and inventory your belongings and then transport them to our facility for cleaning. After cleaning, we will store the items until your property has been cleaned and restored and the items can be returned.

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