What’s in Your Ducts?

contents cleaningWhen your home or business is affected by fire or water damage, the loss can be easily be compounded by the loss of your property’s contents. In many cases, working with a professional contents cleaning facility can result in much of your personal property being recovered and restored at a cost lower than replacement, reducing your losses and restoring sentimental or important items that would be lost otherwise.

Comprehensive Contents Cleaning Facility

K-tech Kleening has state-of-the-art contents cleaning equipment and our staff is fully trained to clean and restore electronics, documents, photographs, antiques, dinnerware, glassware, and more after a disaster. Our system effectively removes smoke, soot, and other contaminants from your personal property, restoring them to a pre-loss condition.

After a disaster, our team will carefully pack and inventory your belongings, then transport them to our facility for cleaning. After cleaning, we will store the items until your property has been restored and the items can be returned.

Don’t Delay – Protect Your Belongings

It’s very important for contents to be cleaned as soon as possible after a fire or water loss, as the more time passes, the greater the chance that permanent damage may occur. If you have suffered a fire or water damage loss, contact K-tech Kleening today to learn more about our contents cleaning services and how we can restore important, high-value, or sentimental items.

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