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Healthcare SteraMist Disinfection

SteraMist™ Disinfection System

As a hospital-grade disinfectant, most people would presume – correctly – that TOMI’s SteraMist™ BIT™ is ideally suited for use in a healthcare setting. But the applications don’t stop there. Because the product is available as both a handheld, point-and-spray unit and as a complete room fogging system, SteraMist™ BIT™ can be used in facilities of all shapes, sizes, and environments. Gymnasiums and athletic centers can use the product preemptively to keep equipment clean or as a way of stopping a viral breakout. Schools and nurseries can keep kids from spreading germs by applying SteraMist™ BIT™ on a regular basis. Nursing homes can keep their rooms clean and even eliminate odor.

The SteraMist™ Disinfection System utilizes Activated Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide particles that react on contact, killing harmful pathogens before converting to oxygen and water molecules. It does not require that HVAC systems be turned off and requires only seven minutes of contact time to work. SteraMist™ is effective at treating Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, MRSA, Influenza, and can also be used in mold and mildew control and remediation. Contact us to learn more about the SteraMist™ Disinfection System.

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Halo Disinfection System

The Halo Disinfection System is a quick, easy and effective way to disinfect an entire room. This system kills and eliminates various viruses and bacteria commonly found in hospitals and healthcare facilities including C. diff, Salmonella, MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus, E-coli,  Influenza A, HIV, and Norovirus.

The Halo Fogger works by dispensing a dry mist aerosolized disinfect into the air, filling the room and filling every nook, crevice and corner, reaching surfaces that regular cleaning and disinfecting can’t. The Halo assures a homogeneous distribution of disinfectant on all surfaces in the room, reducing the risk of cross-contamination of infectious diseases associated with using a rag, wipe or sponge. After application, the mist particles decompose into water and oxygen molecules and dries on contact. There is no need for rinsing or wiping, and it is completely safe to use on sensitive medical or other sensitive electronic equipment.

The Halo Disinfection System is effective and safe and is an economical solution. To learn more about how you can benefit from this service, contact us today.

K-tech Kleening professionally cleans and disinfects biohazardous materials using powerful and safe disinfection systems
K-tech Kleening professionally cleans and disinfects biohazardous materials using powerful and safe disinfection systems like

Biohazard Cleanup

Our team is experienced and has received specialized training for the handling of biohazard cleanup, and we can ensure that your property is safe and all biohazard material has been removed. We ensure that all areas affected by blood or other bodily fluids will be cleaned, removed, or restored, removing all traces of an incident and restoring your property to its previous condition.

Our technicians will be respectful and truly want to help during this difficult time. Our team is available 24/7, and we’ll be there whenever you need us most.

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