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Industrial Cleaning Services

Professional industrial cleaning including high dusting to remove combustible dust and keep your facility safe.

Explosion Proof Vac

Combustible dust is a serious concern for manufacturing and production facilities. In addition to the potential for an explosion, combustible dust can impact your employees’ health and impact the efficiency of your machinery. Removing combustible dust from your facility is often challenging, as dust accumulates on high ceilings and surfaces, in HVAC systems, and other unreachable areas. That’s why K-tech Kleening provides professional industrial cleaning including high dusting to remove combustible dust and keep your facility safe.

Our experienced team will utilize specialized equipment and high-reach equipment to access the areas where combustible dust accumulates. We have experience conducting high dusting and removing combustible dust in a variety of manufacturing facilities and plants, and have extensive safety training to protect both our employees as well as yours.

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Media Blasting

Media blasting is a safer alternative to sandblasting and is effective at removing coatings from a surface without damaging the substrate. Utilizing a soda-based media, media blasting effectively removes paint, grease, oil, smoke and soot residue, and other contaminants quickly and easily from a variety of surfaces including brick, concrete, glass, and metal.

How Media Blasting Works

Media blasting combines sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and high pressure to “blast” a surface, removing contaminants or coatings from a surface. It is a gentler alternative to sandblasting or other alternatives, and because media blasting utilizes a form of baking soda in combination with high pressure, it is safe for the environment and non-toxic. After the surface has been treated with media blasting, it only needs to be vacuumed or rinsed with water.

What Are The Uses For Media Blasting?

Media blasting is effective for removing paint, graffiti, grease, oil, mold, stains, smoke residue, and a variety of stains. Because it is safe to use on a variety of materials including metal, fiberglass, wood, and concrete, there are a number of potential uses and benefits for media blasting. Contact us today to learn if media blasting is right for your project.

Restoration services for Fire and smoke damage or mold.
K-tech Kleening’s wide range of floor and carpet cleaning services includes tile and grout cleaning.

Power Washing

If you are looking to remove unsightly dirt, stains, organic growth, and other debris that is making your home or commercial property look dirty and unkempt, we can help! At K-tech Kleening, we offer power washing services to effectively remove dirt and other debris from your deck, siding, sidewalks, driveway, parking lot, fencing, and other exterior surfaces around your property. Our team has the training and experience to safely power wash the surfaces of your property without causing damage, ensuring a clean result every time.

Power washing can reduce wear and tear by removing buildups such as mold, algae, weeds, insects and abrasive materials that can, over time, cause damage to your surfaces. Our technicians are specially trained to ensure the proper cleaning method and pressure are used to protect your property while providing the best, longest-lasting result.

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